CryptoPunks Generated Nearly Half of Top 10 NFT Sales in the Last Month

CryptoPunks (CP) contributed roughly 50% of the top 10 non-fungible token(NFT) sales in the last 30 days. According to data presented by, the Larva labs NFTs sold for $9,758,672.45. That’s 48% of the approximately $20,127,764.96 generated by the top ten NFTs sales.

SuperRare and Bored Ape Yacht Club completed the top ten projects contributing 30 and 22 percent of total sales respectively.’s Edith Reads attributes CryptoPunks’ popularity to several factors. She holds, ” CryptoPunks remain special to the NFT space. The project derives value from being a pioneer in the field. Again, there’s been a boom in NFTs. That coupled with the status that one draws from owning them (CryptoPunks) increases their demand.”

CryptoPunks hogging the limelight

CryptoPunks didn’t only take the lion’s share of the NFT traded volumes. It also led in the number of assets forming the list. Out of the 10, it contributed six artworks. SuperRare added a single asset while Bored Ape Yacht Club had three.

Nevertheless, the SuperRare project had the priciest NFT on offer. Its All-Time High in the City (ATHC) artwork fetched 1630 ETH, that’s about $6.2 million. ATHC is a product of XCOPY, 2018, one of the platform’s leading artists.

CryptoPunks’ C#2681 came in second after selling for 900 ETH which translates into $3 million. It has exchanged hands once and is the property of six individuals.

Closing the top three best-sellers was Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC) NFT 3562. The collectible went for 430 ETH or roughly $1.6 million. It has exchanged ownership once and has had five unique owners to date.

Booming NFT market

BAYC and CryptoPunks shared the remaining slots. While BAYC added two collectibles to the group, CryptoPunks contributed five. Bored Ape 1837 and 1401 sold for 820 ETH($2.5 million) as the other CPs earned 1584 ETH or roughly $7 million.

Initially seen as a niche product, NFTs are steadily going mainstream. Analysts estimate its market has grown from $100m in 2020 to about $22 billion in 2021.

All indicators point to further growth in 2022. Part of the growth is due to celebrities and corporate entities joining the NFT bandwagon. Business Mogul Kevin O’Leary for instance had claimed that NFTs would eclipse Bitcoin.

Sports personalities, including LeBron James, have joined the fray too. Even rappers like Snoop Dogg and Eminem and Colombian songstress Shakira haven’t lagged. They have been joined by Visa, Nike, and Coca-Cola in adopting these digital assets.

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