Crypto Art Market Cap Hits $2.3 Billion With Over 2 Million Artworks Sold

Over the last two years, demand and interest in the crypto art industry has grown tremendously. According to data presented by, the crypto art industry hit a market cap of $2,350,924,699 as of January 2022. This amount is equivalent to about 708,481.162 ETH.

The presented data also show that 2,792,543 artworks were sold on different platforms, including Art Blocks, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway.

Art Blocks, Nifty Gateway among biggest gainers

The data compiled by Trading Platforms spans four years and comprises select crypto art platforms; SuperRare, Art Blocks, Nifty Gateway, Async Art, KnownOrigin, MakersPlace, Foundation, and hic et Nunc.

2021 was a significant year for many blockchain-related projects, including NFTs and DeFi. The total monthly crypto art volume on the select platforms grew from $12.548M on 1st January 2021 to $409.857M on 1st December of the same year.

Art Blocks showed some of the most significant growth, with the monthly volume sales surging from $679.522k to $244.248M in the same period. The monthly volume on Nifty Gateway also leaped from $8.72M in January to $118.306M in December.

Although there was a general upward trend in monthly volume over the year, July-August was quite significant after a low trade volume in June. The collective sales on the mentioned platforms reached all-time high levels of about $700M by 1st August.

While commenting on the data findings, Edith Reads from made the following remarks, “Clearly, the crypto art industry is taking significant strides and changing the way we view art. Although it’s still a bit early to tell what direction the industry takes, it’s clear that more people are getting on board by the day. Perhaps crypto-art NFTs together with sustainable DeFi projects will offer the gateway we’ve been waiting for to mainstream crypto mass adoption.”

Crypto art and NFTs transforming the traditional art industry

Digital art forms have, undoubtedly, caused a lot of stir in the crypto community as more enthusiasts get on board with this new form of artwork. Although many people beyond the crypto community remain skeptical about crypto art, a few pacesetters are more than willing to spend big bucks on digital art.

Crypto artist Beeple sold his collection, Everydays; The First 5000 Days, for $69.3 million, at an auction held by Christie’s on 11th March 2021. A month earlier, Beeple had sold a 10-second Nft video for $6.6 million on Nifty Gateway.

Although digital art has been around for a while, crypto art has only materialized recently. Thanks to NFTs, artists can now verify their artwork, making it difficult for anyone to forge original art pieces. Non-fungible tokens have also made it easier for art enthusiasts to collect pieces from their favorite artists from the comfort of their homes.

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